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  • CredoID Remote Installation

Product code: CID-INST

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Warranty: 6 m.

Manufacturer: Midpoint Security

Complete remote installation service: SQL Server, Credo Server & Client, 3 controller setup.


CredoID Access Control Software Remote Installation

CredoID in an innovative access control software that supports HID (EVO) Edge & VertX, Mercury controllers, ASSA Abloy Aperio wireless locks, Digifort VMS and ASB Security Musdo security panels.

CredoID offers a modern and integrated approach that covers physical access control, video surveilance, data security, vehichle access and employee attendance. By coordinating operations of all security systems, utilizing existing infrastructure and exchanging data with HR, IT and ERP systems, CredoID creates new and unique benefits for clients in all industries.

Our technical support team will take care of CredoID deployment and basic controller setup.

Requirements Teamviewer, Anydesk, Remote Desktop connection or any other remote access software is required to perform installation.
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