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  • HID Mercury MRDT Display Terminal

Product code: MRDT

Available quantity Pre-order

Warranty: 12 m.

Manufacturer: Mercury Security part of HID Global

Display Terminal, w/ 32-character LCD display and  16 Position backlit keypad


HID Mercury MRDT Terminal Display

The MRDT Display Terminal provides robust c keypad/reader functionality in a single package.

When combined with Mercury’s EP series of intelligent access platforms, the unit provides an interactive link and truly integrated functionality to the terminal for end-user feedback and convenience.

Even in challenging settings, the back-lit LCD yields clear information displays, thus providing access and alarm status feedback or other freeform messaging and instructions that the system generates.

Deployed with the Mercury family of access platforms, the MRDT is capable of creating custom tasks with any of the four functions keys, which can mimic system command console functionality at the doorway.


  • User-friendly interactive link to system
  • Improves overall system ease-of-use
  • Brings select display, control functions beyond the system console
  • 32-character LCD display and a multi-position keypad.
  • OSDP compliant
  • On board reader connectivity
Compatibility All CredoID versions
Manufacturer https://mercury-security.com/portal/products/type:readers/subtype:current_readers/mrdt/
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