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  • HID Mercury MR52-S3 2-Reader Interface Module

Product code: MR52-S3

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Warranty: 12 m.

Manufacturer: Mercury Security part of HID Global

2-Reader Interface Module – Series 3 (2 Rdr, 8 Inputs, 6 Outputs)


HID Mercury MR52 Serial I/O Dual Card Reader Interface

The new Authentic Mercury MR Series 3 Serial Input/ Output (SIO) modules enable system expansion of Authentic Mercury intelligent controllers as part of Mercury’s distributed architecture. The enhanced modules offer an improved processor and increased memory, plus feature an embedded crypto memory chip that provides a secured layer of encryption to onboard sensitive data. Built on the Authentic Mercury open platform, Series 3 modules provide the necessary flexibility for OEMs, channel partners and end customers to choose the controller configuration that best fits their needs.

The MR52 Series 3 is a dual card reader interface panel with on-board flexibility to connect a wide range of security devices. The MR52 is easy to install and provides the required I/O for interfacing two card readers, eight general-purpose input monitor points and six control relays to any Authentic Mercury series intelligent controller.

With two-wire RS-485 connectivity, the MR52’s two reader ports support OSDP, OSDP Secure Channel, FICAM government profiles, keypads, biometric readers, Wiegand, clock and data, magnetic stripe, F/2F and supervised F/2F reader technologies. System configuration and setup are provided through Mercury OEM partner software applications.

The MR52 Series 3 is the latest generation door interface module for Authentic Mercury intelligent controllers, the platform of choice for customers seeking open architecture access control solutions.

  • Open Architecture: High performance, reliable platform enables use of hardware with Mercury OEM partners’ software solutions
  • OSDP Protocol: Supports OSDP and Secure Channel protocol for device connectivity, file transfer and extended applications such as biometrics and federal government profile support
  • Enhanced Security: Embedded crypto memory chip provides secured layer of encryption to protect sensitive data
  • Versatile Interoperability: Same reliable interface and identical footprint as the Series 2 Mercury IO modules, enabling seamless upgrades for existing deployments

Application Notes: The inputs and the relays may be assigned to door-related functions or to general-purpose I/O. The inputs support normally open, normally closed, supervised, and non-supervised circuits. End-of-line (EOL) resistance values are configurable, and the relays can be configured for fail-safe or fail-secure operation.

When connected to an Authentic Mercury intelligent controller, the MR52 can relate the activities of selected system devices to other devices within the system, generating actions and allowing activities to occur independent of the host. The MR52 can also locally process access requests based on facility code verification, even when disconnected from an intelligent controller. Up to eight facility codes may be active in each MR52.


  • AES 128/256 bit data encryption
  • HSPD-12/FIPS201 compliant 
  • UL 294 recognized, CE compliant, FCC, RoHS
  • Supports OSDP, OSDP Secure Channel, FICAM government profiles, keypads, biometric readers, Wiegand, clock and data, magnetic stripe, F/2F and supervised F/2F reader technologies
  • RS-485 host connectivity

Technical data

Primary Power: 12-24 Vdc +/- 10%, 550mA maximum

Host Communication: RS–485, 2-wire, 4,000’ (twisted pair with shield, Belden 9841)

Reader Ports: 2 Reader Ports*

Card/Keypad: Data OSDP, Clock/Data, Data–1/Data–0, RS-485, or F/2F

Keypad: 8-bit Mercury, 8-bit Dorado/HID, 4-bit HID

Reader Power: Pass-through or 12 Vdc regulated 300mA each reader

LED: One-wire bi-color LED or two-wire LED

Buzzer: Only with ‘one-wire’ LED


  • 8 General Purpose: Programmable circuit type
  • 2 Dedicated: Tamper and Power Monitor

Output Relays:

  • Six Form-C Relays:
  • Normally open contact (NO): 5A @ 30 Vdc resistive
  • Normally closed contact (NC): 3A @ 30 Vdc resistive

Dimensions: 6.0” W x 8.0” L x 1.0” H (152mm W x 203mm L x 25mm H)

Temperature: 0-70 °C operational, -55-85 °C storage

Humidity: 5 to 95% RHNC

Standards: UL 294 recognized, CE compliant, RoHS, FCC Part 15 Subpart B

Compatibility All CredoID versions
Manufacturer https://www.hidglobal.com/products/controllers/mercury/mr52-s3
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