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  • Suprema DM-20
  • Suprema DM-20
  • Suprema DM-20

Product code: DM-20

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Warranty: 12 m.

Manufacturer: Suprema Inc.

Two Door Interface Module (8 inputs / 6 outputs (including 4 Form C Relay)


Suprema DM-20

DM-20 provides secure door control of up to four doors via encrypted communication and also contains two wiegand reader interfaces for use with 3rd party readers. A wide variety of I/O interfaces allows DM-20 to be a part of diverse system configurations.

Centralized Access Control

Combined with a Suprema Device, DM-20 provides ability to design and implement a centralized access control system with up to 32 doors and up to 8 biometric devices through daisy chain configuration.

Key Highlights

  • Secure data transmission due to encrypted communication

  • Control up to four doors through multiple inputs and outputs

  • Easily monitor device status with 4 additional supervised input

  • Provides ability to implement Centralized Access Control with a Suprema device

Compatibility Suprema CoreStation
Configuration Two Door Interface Module (8 inputs / 6 outputs (including 4 Form C Relay)
Specifications https://www.supremainc.com/en/hardware/pd_dm-20.asp
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