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  • Suprema OM-120
  • Suprema OM-120

Product code: OM-120

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Warranty: 12 m.

Manufacturer: Suprema Inc.

Output Control Module (12 outputs)


Suprema OM-120

OM-120 is a multiple output extension module which controls up to 12 output relays. It can be used as elevator controller with BioStar 2 system. Max. 31 units can be connected to a master device via RS485 daisy chain. OM-120 can also support anti-passback zone and fire alarm zone features.


  • 12 output relays per unit

  • Controls max. 192 floors per elevator

  • Preset alert for alarms in APB zones

  • Elevator groups can be added to a certain fire alarm zone

  • Terminating resistance for RS-485 connections

Elevator Control up to 192 Floors

OM-120 can be configured to control doors with BioStar 2 system. Up to 192 floors can be controlled per elevator and BioStar 2 system can control max. 1,000 elevators.

Versatile Interfaces

Along with elevator control, OM-120 produces various output signals including preset relay signals to entrances and different zones. For fire alarm zone, input/output can easily be configured using aux and relay ports.

Compatibility Suprema RS-485 devices
Configuration Output Control Module (12 outputs)
Specifications https://www.supremainc.com/en/hardware/pd_om-120.asp
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