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CredoID access control scripting module. Supports python programming language and libraries.


CredoID logical database segment for multi-site projects. Adds support for 1 location.

CredoID access control software maps for monitoring and control. Enables graphical interface for map with direct object control. Supports jpg, png and svg formats.

CredoID access control software alarm management module. Enables support for ASB Security Musdo security panels.


CredoID VMS Integration with DigiFort VMS support license plate recogntion.


CredoID access control software triggers and actions module.


CredoID software license for additional cameras.

From €54.00

CredoID software license for additional inputs/outputs.

From €270.00

CredoID software license for additional readers.

From €338.00

CredoID software license for 1 additional concurrent user.

From €675.00

Remote reader/controller firmware upgrade service per unit.


Complete remote installation service: SQL Server, Credo Server & Client, 3 controller setup.

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