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Support & Warranty

Warranty and free support period for CredoID access control software

The warranty and basic free support for Software installations is 6 months from the date the project has been confirmed working / accepted by the customer. If the project acceptance document is missing and there are no open project related support requests, the date of invoice is considered the first day of warranty / free support period.
System expansion and changes of user-accessible Software settings does not void the warranty, if performed according to manuals by trained technicians. Introduction of controllers with unsupported firmware levels, changes of network, database, operating system parameters, as well as installation of 3rd party software voids the warranty.

Requirements for warranty validity

To be entitled to free support, the customer must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Allow Midpoint Systems to collect and store data about original System configuration.
  2. Allow Midpoint Systems to collect and store data about System configuration at a time of support request and until the request has been resolved.
  3. Report support requests using official Midpoint Systems service desk and obtain a ticket number for the issue. 
  4. Allow Midpoint support to access the System and the Software using remote connection.                 

Support service levels

We are offering the following support service levels:                    

  1. Warranty / Basic free support:
    • Maximum 48 hours response time.
    • Maximum 20 working days for providing a solution*.                  
  2. Standard support fees are listed in a Credo access control software section of the e-shop:
    • Maximum 24 hours response time.
    • Maximum 10 working days for providing a solution*. 
  3. Premium support/ Fees are listed in a Credo access control software section of the pricelist:
    • Maximum 12 hours response time.
    • Maximum 5 working days for providing a solution*.
* - Solution refers to SimpleID / Credo Software only. It does not include fixes to third party products, such as access controllers, readers, network components, operating systems or any other software, database engines, etc. If changes and/or third party modifications (hardware changes, firmware upgrades, network equipment replacements, etc.), have been performed to original System, the solution times may be extended, as collecting information and identifying the root cause of malfunction will be needed.

Hourly support plans are billed per actual hours spent, including, but not limited to, communication, code changes, testing, deployment / remote administration, etc. Monthly support plans are billed as subscription fees, and include up to 15 hours for Standard, and up to 40 hours for Premium support level. Installation and setup service is billed at hourly rate of Standard plan. Typical installation tasks and completion times are provided in the 'Credao access control software section' of this pricelist.

The rate covers service only, and does not include travel, accommodation or any other possibly required expenses.
In a situation when a reported issue is found to be related to the SimpleID / Credo Software code, the work hours needed to develop a fix will not be added to customers’ hour limit and / or bill.

Whenever an issue is reported, there is a ticket number assigned to it. Please make sure you have received one, as it is the primary means for tracking progress of the fix.

Customers reporting issues through the official service desk may expect a faster reply.

Please always read the FAQ and follow suggested steps if you identify an applicable solution in support documents. Always use offical service desk to submit an issue.


  • All Software installations come with 6-month warranty and basic support period included.
  • Installation and setup service available for purchase. If Software is purchased together with remote installation service, the warranty is extended to 12 months.
  • Premium and post-warranty support plans available at hourly or monthly rates.
  • Please use the service desk to receive a faster reply and extended support.
  • The new support level rules are effective from August 15th, 2015.
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